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He was born in Turkey/Bursa on 21.12.1980
After finished high school education at Bursa Ataturk Lisesi, he was get licence education at Mechanical Engineering Section of Uludag University Engineering-Architecture Faculty between 1997 – 2001 years.
Also he was get Mechanical Engineer title with «Twisted/Flambaj on the machine systems » graduation thesis and related a simple calculation program for computer system on 2001 June.

Before than the military profession mission, he was obtained first professional job experience at AGOSAN LTD.STI as Technical Support & Quality Control Responsible for 4 months approximately.

On 2002 March, he was gone to Balıkesir for 4 months in order to performe first stage of military profession mission.
After that, he was gone to Erzincan for 1 year in order to performe second stage (as reserve officer) of military profession mission.
He was finished completely reserve officer mission on 2003 June.

He was obtained second professional job experience at MGI COUTIER A.S. Bursa Company as production engineer.
And he was also obtained some different positions and responsibilities in this company.

On 2007 February-March, he was gone to England (Londra) for language training.

For the present, he still continues to work at MGI COUTIER A.S. Bursa Company as Project Responsible & SAP Technical Basic data-Supporter Coordination Responsible.

Interests sports: Basketball (with licence), table tennis, swimming, dart, running

Interests arts: Drawing cartoon (with member of Anatolian Cartoonists Association)
Play battery, play acoustic guitar (as individual training)
Play reed flute, play clarinet and play lute (with member of Classical Turkish Music Conservatory in Bursa)

Interests others: Reading, reading, reading and hotwheels model cars, hat, bag collection, internet and technology.

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